Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Automated PCB board etching system

The aim of this project is to develop an Automated PCB board etching system. One way of removing the unwanted copper is use a Computer controlled milling machine which is the process fairly quick. However, chemical process method still widely using in order to produces PCB and has facing problems where slower etching can cause undercutting where copper is removed from under edge of the resist areas as well narrowing the copper tracks and pads. In addition, weakening their attachment on the substrate and cause problems that cannot produces fine and closely tracks. Since all these, the Auto PCB etching machine combine with PIC, bubble etching and mechanism methodology is produced. The platform designed consists of a base with treaded travel mechanism applied on Y axis. Dc motor applied on the axis to transfer the PCB through the system with special PCB holder. The bubbles etching system have a feature such as controlled temperature and draining system. The sequence of the process and temperature is controlled by PIC which adopted Mikro C compiler as programming medium. In addition, Users are able to select particular section of the process by keypad. Each section of the etching process and temperature will display on LCD display. For the purpose of display, the prototype system is demo under few seconds for each process. A study had been found that a proper etching process start with photo resist etching process with take five minutes. After that, go to water washing process with two minutes and finally etching process take 15 minutes.

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