Saturday, 2 February 2013


The main objective of the project is to develop a GSM based energy meter reading system and load control through SMS. Electricity department sends employees to take meter reading every month, which is an expensive and time consuming job. The proposed project provides a convenient and efficient method to avoid this problem. The electricity department and the user can get the readings of the energy meter of consumers via SMS. The loads can also be controlled by the user of this system via SMS using this project.

A microcontroller input is effectively interfaced to a digital energy meter that takes the reading from the energy meter and displays the same on an LCD. The reading of the energy meter is also sent to the control room by an SMS via SIM loaded GSM modem. This GSM modem can also receive commands from the cell phone to control the owner’s electrical loads. It uses a standard digital energy meter that delivers output pulses to the microcontroller to perform counting for necessary action. On receiving command it can switch ON/OFF the loads.

Further this project can be interfaced with a non volatile memory IC like EEPROM along with a keypad so that the user the change the mobile number as per the requirement.

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