Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Intelligent indoor air monitoring

The consciousness of clean air quality indicator is an ideal to inform user when surrounding environment having the risks of increasing toxic gas threats to public health. The level of contaminants gaseous in the air should be monitored preciously in order to achieve safety precaution.  The TGS 2600 gas sensor is applied in the project. Gas sensor is sensitivity to the level of the gaseous air contaminants. The system alarm is divided into 3 level indicators. The alerting is allowing people to evacuate when the surrounding air contaminant is over the level as well as to protect environmental safety and condition. The sensing is embedded into Arduino and program is developing by using C language to read the level of the air contaminant. The data is send over to the RF 433 module. Another receiver is embedded together with another Arduino, read the data and send over to the PC through the USB to RS232 module. The graphic user interface is designed by using the Visual Basic 6.0 it will plot the graph and display the condition of the environment. The reading the parts per million (ppm) has been figure out from 0 to100 ppm. The output voltage of the RL is calculated from 0 to 100 ppm within 5V. The voltage RL cannot more than 5V, because the Arduino only operate at the maximum of 5V. The distance of the wireless module is operating within 15m. If it is require go the longer distance it is need to change to the Xbee module.

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