Saturday, 2 February 2013


The project is designed to operate a string of LEDs from 230V AC supply. LED lights are the future of lighting, because of their low energy consumption and long life. They are slowly replacing conventional lights world over.

LEDs require DC supply to operate. In this project AC is converted to DC by a rectifier. A string of LED’s are connected in series parallel combination through series capacitor and a rectifier to convert the AC to DC. It is thus made to operate at 230V AC. The series capacitor is used to reduce the voltage while the resistor is used to limit the starting current .The voltage is then rectified to DC for maintaining a safe operating voltage for the LEDs. Numbers of LEDs are used to give adequate illumination from ac supply. Since a large voltage is dropped by a series element in between the supply and the load, the resistor value is deliberately kept low to minimize the power loss. White LEDs are preferred to be used as they deliver bright light.

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