Wednesday, 6 February 2013

PC Remote Controlled CAR via RF Wireless

This project prototype’s canned to take up the job of dangerous exploration and serves as a tool for police and military. People are interested in places where they could not go. They can build wireless car and send it there.  The wireless car is able to carry RF module and other instruments so that it can perform the special tasks. The military or army also uses micro car for locating and entering enemy bases to gather information, and spying on enemy troops, if add on the camera.

As we can see from the diagram above (Figure 1), The PC will be acting like a remote controlled. A windows menu is created, in order to control the car to turn the direction. When the button is being pressed, the signal will send to the microcontroller through the RS232 (DB9). The microcontroller will encode the signal and transmit through a RF transmitter module. A RF receiver module will receive the signal and decode again back to the normal data, microcontroller will make a decision that the signals is belong to turn at which direction.

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