Wednesday, 6 February 2013

GSM base alarm system monitoring

There are have two functional in this security system. First, the system can detect unknown person when the user activated this system. PIC Microcontroller will read the data when the sensor activated. Then, the GSM get data from PIC Microcontroller to send message for user by using hand phone. To communicate between GSM modem and hand phone, AT Command is a basic command need to be study and learning. It is important to apply this project. Because of that, the GSM modem just only understands AT Command declaration. From this, it can communicate with hand phone, computer and PIC board. To accomplish for this project, the entire component must be work effectively based on objective. The GSM as a medium to receive the message from PIC microcontroller is the same application with hand phone. Programming C is used for PIC board application to develop program and system optimization. In the simple application, this security system can be used for our life whether in the house, office or residential area

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